Benefits of becoming a member

Become recognised as a good employer and responsible business through free Good Employer Croydon accreditation. As an accredited organisation you will have access to a range of benefits and opportunities.

Strengthening our local economy requires collective commitment. Businesses and employers play an important role in creating a local economy that attracts investors and opens up opportunities for further growth. The Charter aims to become a testament to the strengths of Croydon’s market by showcasing local businesses’ commitment to their employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and the local communities.


Being a good employer means your employees feel more valued and effective in their work. This translates into improved productivity, lower staff turnover and greater ability to retain talent. Your business gains a competitive advantage and improved performance.


Being a responsible business helps to satisfy your consumers’ and business partners’ desire to support companies that have strong corporate social responsibility. It improves the quality of life in communities where you do business, thus boosts your brand reputation, increases sales and positive consumer sentiment.


membership benefits


The following benefits are offered as part of free Good Employer Croydon accreditation:


Increased publicity

Enhance your organisation's profile through a number of marketing and promotional benefits such as:


  • Publicity through Croydon Council's communication channels including social media, website, press releases and e-newsletter
  • Inclusion in a Good Employer Croydon advertorial published in the Your Croydon magazine distributed to all households across Croydon
  • Listing as an accredited member on the Good Employer Croydon website
  • Opportunity to promote work and best practice via speaking opportunities at Good Employer Croydon events

Exclusive event invitations

In addition to regular breakfast seminars, accredited organisations will also receive exclusive invitations to the following events:


  • Quarterly CEO Reception 
  • Annual reception with the Leader of Croydon Council
  • Annual reception with the Mayor of Croydon 
  • Meet the Buyer events 
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