Good Employer Charter

GEC is an accreditation scheme aimed at businesses that want to become part of the Croydon Good Employer Network and gain recognition as good employers and responsible business

Good Employer Charter


To become accredited, and join the Good Employer Network, interested organisations need to meet the Good Employer Charter


The Charter represents practical ways by which Croydon businesses can contribute to creating a strong local economy.

The Charter aims to encourage employers to pay a fair wage


Accredited organisations are required to pay their staff  the London Living Wage.


The London Living Wage is a voluntary hourly rate set independently and updated annually by the Living Wage Foundation.


The Living Wage Foundation will work in partnership with interested businesses and support them through the steps to become a Living Wage Employer.


To register your interest in becoming a Living Wage employer click here


The Charter seeks to create flexible hiring and more sustainable employment opportunities in the borough


Accredited organisations are required to create employment and training opportunities for local people.


Croydon Works the Council’s jobs brokerage service will work with accedited businesses to providing employability support and a free to use recruitment service. It will link employers to high quality, job-ready potential employees.


To register with Croydon Works click here


The Charter seeks to support small businesses and promote local business opportunities.


Accredited organisations are required to support the local economy by investing in local business and supply chains.


Buy Local will be supported by the Value Croydon programme. Value Croydon's ambition is to build buyer-supplier relationships, provide commissioning and procurement support and ensure business opportunities are visible and accessible to the local market (the Value Croydon website  is currently under development).



The Charter’s ambition is to encourage businesses to:

  • support employees' well-being and embrace equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • seek opportunities to support local communities, initiatives and campaigns
  • take steps to minimise the their impact on the surroundings and the environmentAccredited organisations are required to implement best practice relating to equality and diversity in the workplace


Accredited organisations are required to implement best practice relating to equality and diversity in their workplace


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The application of the Charter principles will be unique to each member organisation and should be relevant and proportionate to the size of the business and sector they operate in.


The ambition of the charter is to recognise that by embracing the network's principles, defining what they mean to the organisation and incorporating appropriate policies and practices to reflect them in the day to day operations, any business (no matter how big or small) can become a better employer and contribute to strengthening the local economy.



Our mission


Our Good Employer Network mission is to build a network of Good Employers that do business responsibly, enabling both our employers and employees to benefit as our economy grows.


Our work will support the success of the local economy through using local supply chains, creating job opportunities, ensuring employees are paid a fair wage and promoting equality and diversity.


Through our efforts we will change the lives of Croydon’s citizens and shape the identity of our borough, making it a place that thrives for its people.



Our Long-Term Vision


A dynamic, diverse and inclusive Croydon economy, harnessing everyone’s creativity and potential to ensure long term sustainable growth and good work that benefits all.

Croydon Council