Joining the Charter

Learn about the accreditation process, assess your readiness and apply to become accredited or pledge to work towards joining the charter

Accreditation Process

Self-Assessment & Application

Assess your readiness to apply for the Good Employer Croydon accreditation

(see the section on Meeting the Charter criteria)


Criteria Met

If you think you currently meet all the criteria and are ready to be accredited:


Submit accreditation form


Criteria not met

If there are steps you need to undertake to meet the criteria (e.g. becoming a London Living Wage employer) register your interest in becoming accredited by submitting a pledge and work with our partners to meet the criteria:


Submit our pledge form

(for further information see SUPPORT & ADVICE).


Once we receive your pledge you will be added to GEC mailing list and we will stay in touch while you work towards your accreditation.


Verification & Confirmation

Once we receive your accreditation form, the information you provided will be processed and verified within 10 working days*.


Following verification, and to confirm that your application was successful, we'll send you:


  • a certificate in recognition of your achievement
  • a badge/logo to use on your website and other materials

Your organisation will be also listed as an accredited employer on the Good Employer Croydon website and the business will become a member of the Good Employer  network and gain access to local business meetings and events.


*Note: if you are applying for business rate discount, please have your NNDR account reference number to hand


If you have any further questions please email


Meeting the Charter criteria


Listed below is the compulsory criteria relating to the Good Employer Charter, required to be accredited as a Good Employer


  1. Pay Living Wage: Provide confirmation that the organisations is accredited or working towards becoming a London Living Wage Employer or recognised Service Provider.

    To register your interest in becoming a Living Wage employer click here

  2. Employ Local: Provide reference number from registration form with Croydon Works job brokerage service and where appropriate commitment to using the free recruitment service when new employment opportunities arise within the business. To register with Croydon Works click here

  3. Buy Local: Confirm commitment to promote procurement and supply chain opportunities

  4. Include All: Provide confirmation of the organisation having an Equality Policy or commitment to implement an Equality Policy. For a template Equality Policy see SUPPORT & ADVICE

    Note: The submission form will ask you to provide confirmation that you meet the above criteria. If we are unable to verify this information we will contact you to provide relevant reference numbers

The form will also ask you to commit to the Good Employer Charter Principles that underpin the above criteria. As a member organisation you will be expected to commit to applying the principles in the day to day operations of your business.




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